Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy new year!!!! It's 20(17)!!

Hello fellow carats!

Its already 2017 in where I'm at right now so happy new year!!

Some of you probably have seen the post I uploaded on my main blog. So i'm not going to write much here. First of all, it was really great to know Seventeen and their fans. I've never really been into fandoms before, or either have I ever fallen this much for an idol group.

I really wanted to meet you and make friends with you who went to the fanmeeting but I didn't get to meet anyone:(( but there will be another chance right..????

Wtf thIS IS SO CHEESY. post cancelled.

Well anywaaay.
I'm sorry for being quite inactive in this side blog:/ and I wish all of you- Carats, and also Seventeen all the best in 2017. Seventeen and Carats will own this year wheep wheep!!! Feel free to contact me on twitter, or leave comments if you have any advices/criticism/questions!!

Happy new year and have a great day!!!!


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