Sunday, July 10, 2016


The truth about Seventeen's fansites

M*acaronSh*u and T*alent B*oo

These two are the ones who spread rumours about Seventeen throwing out their fan letters. Once an article popped out about this they started acting like "Ah I'm going to comfort Joshua and Seungkwan" kind of bullshit


She followed Joshua to the airport (It wasn't for an official schedule) and gave him a Starbucks card
Has spent more than 1,000,000W on Joshua
She once said "I'm tired of Joshua I shall go and find a new Oppa"
She shared NCT's phone number, address, passport number to some people
She's also the master of NCT's Ten fansite (ForTen)
She personally knows Joshua's uncle who is a reporter
She knew Joshua's plan about going to America from his uncle and she even followed her until the airport.

T*alent B*oo

She went to Seungkwan's house, and managed to have his dad's number
She's also the master of BTS' Jungkook fansite (Kookierun)
Almost everyone knows this but:
She often hangs out in a cafe in front of Seventeen's dorm
She shares picture to some other fans saying that she can clearly see Seventeen from that cafe

Ins*omni*a, Aqu*arius, All *Of H*oshi, My Ch*an

They took pictures on Show Champion when Seventeen won for the first time when it's cleary prohibited to take pictures in the studio. Ins*omni*a even fought with a staff and Seventeen saw it.

Fansites who went to YHY's Sketchbook and took pictures with their huge ass cameras:

M*acaronShu*, T*alent B*oo, Ins*omni*a, All *Of H*shi, Sc*oups88, My Ch*an, 19990211_c*om, Sp*arklingm*oment, C*omelyH*an, 문리즈 (I don't know the twitter's username), C*all V*ernon, M*arvelous_MG

Seungkwan and Yoo Heeyeol asked them to not take any pictures but they ignored it and kept taking pictures with that goddamn shutter noises.
Thanks to them Seventeen got scolded and a warning..
And these fansites took pictures on Seventeen's way to Music Bank without standing behind the lines

Now you can agree that Seventeen's fansites are messed up right?
This is not even 1/13 of them^^ Shocking, right?
There's also some proof in another pos in Pann.


1. [+93][-1] I really feel sorry for Seventeen's carats.. Their images are ruined because of these fansites, they're not even sasaengs but fansites. They opened up those fansites to earn money, and once they finished sucking money from those innocent fans, they will close the fansite..

2. [+76][-0] What kind of fan would care about money more than their idols

3. [+32][-0] Someone please give them an awards for their outstanding acting skills

4. [+29][-0] These are all some well-known fansites, honestly there are such thing as clean fansitesㅋㅋㅋ MacaronShu couldn't go to LA to follow Joshua so she sent Talent Boo insteadㅋㅋㅋ Birds of a feather really do flock togetherㅋㅋ

5. [+29][-0] Acutally, Seventeen's fans are nice but their images are being ruined by these so-called fans..

6. [+25][-0] NCT fans.. Please be careful.. These people are thoughtless sasaengs..

7. [+12][-0] To the fans of another group~ Can you please tell me a way to kick these people out from the fandom?~

8. [+12][-1] I really feel sorry for the innocent fans and no one knows if they will change their name and keep following Seventeen..

9. [+11][-0] Regarding to the fanletter incident.. Shouldn't that be finished in the police office? 

10. [+11][-0] I haven't been a fan for a long time but I hope Seventeen will have strengthㅠ

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