Saturday, July 9, 2016

Honestly, I was a fansite's master..

I really like Seventeen so much so I decided to buy a camera and followed them around.
Since I'm a timid person, I used to only take pictures during the ending of their concerts, or when they arrive on a building or when they're on their way home.. Basically, I used to only take pictures on places that allows fans to take pictures. I had a site and also a twitter account for it.. 

Honestly, the reason why I closed my fansite down and stopped being a fansite's master is because all of the current masters these days..

It's because I was really afraid I'm going to turn into one of them.. But I was more afraid that I might be a harm to the boys.. I really want to ask those masters if they're really Seventeen's fans.. When I go to a fansign, I don't bring my camera and just take pictures and video like an amateur.. I'm afraid things are going to be out of my control so I sold my camera.

And don't ever trust any fansite's masters. Don't trust anyone. Eventhough they're going to release a feedback or something, don't let them make you think that they're not the ones at fault here!

Thanks for reading this..<3

(These are not Seventeen's fansites master)



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