Monday, July 11, 2016


Seventeen Wonwoo's personality

Hello, I'm a non-fan (Sorry if this makes you feel offendedㅠㅠ)
I was watching one of Pretty U stages and there's this guy whose part goes like "I can't take it no more~ I can't stand it~" and he's really handsome so I looked up his name on searching engine and his name is Wonwoo.
It makes me curious.. Does he usually have a sexy personality?


1. [+0][-0] He's just a f..o..o..l...

2. [+1][-0] He's a quiet person but he's really cute!

3. [+1][-0] Wonwoo is such an innocent person..

4. [+1][-0] Of course.. H..He's

5. [+1][-0] He's a young man who likes old-fashioned jokes

6. [+3][-0] A .. fo..ol..

7. [+3][-0] Shall I express it as.. Bingu..? He looks like a cold and chic man but he's actually just a fool who happens to be so handsome.. Plus he really likes old-fashioned jokesㅋㅋ


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